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IO2 - Toolkit for Adult Education

The objective of this document is to develop a Toolkit for Adult Educators/Trainers, as well as career advisors, based on which they will be in the position to recognise the basic skills that adults in need for upskilling have acquired through informal or non-formal learning, identify their potential, propose learning pathways for upskilling and employability enhancement, to assist them in their integration in the labour market.

This toolkit includes:

  1. What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and which are its purposes, added value, steps, methodology.

  2. Who are the involved actors/ final beneficiaries.

  3. Assessors and their role, techniques and tools to use and overall contribution to the future of an adult in need for upskilling in search of employment.

  4. What the candidate should be made aware of, motivation techniques in continuing their learning journey, tools to use after the RPL process, possibilities and options.

  5. Forms and Templates ready to be used not only in the participating countries, but also in other ones.

Through this toolkit, the Pathways Project partnership aims to create a set of documents aimed at providing the appropriate knowledge and tools to adult educators/trainers and career advisors on:

  • How they can actively help unemployed adults in need for upskilling to improve their possibilities of getting a job, through recognising their basic skills previously acquired through informal or non-formal learning,

  • Understanding their professional aspirations, but also their inclinations/ talents and proposing a set of lifelong learning alternatives for the improvement of their professional and personal potential.

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