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GRI is a Human Resources and Management Consultancy specialized in Employment, Training and Outplacement with more than 15 years of experience.

GRI has a main objective: contributing to the economic and social development of the country by connecting individual talent with the organizations that demand it. GRI count on more than 10 offices throughout the whole Spanish territory so it has wide influence regarding projects and initiatives dissemination and development. 


Currently, GRI develops its main activity in both the private sector, through the Outplacement Plans that are focused on responding to the economic, social and labor imbalances caused by the restructuring, relocation or closure of companies and both the public sphere through the development of comprehensive Employment and Training Programs.

Eurotraining is a Vocational Educational Centre located in Athens, Greece with two additional certified branches in the cities of Thessaloniki and Volos in Greece. Eurotraining specialises in the sectors of Entrepreneurship, Adult Education, ICT, Financial Management and Tourism.


The organization is in close connection with the labor market and it tries to connect its study offer with the needs of enterprises, bodies and organizations both in the public and private sector. One of the organisation’s main goals is to contribute to the upskilling of employees in ways that give them a competitive advantage.

The primary target groups of Eurotraining’s training programmes and seminars include, among others, unemployed people, newly employed people, young and aspiring entrepreneurs, employees, people with disabilities, executive officers, graduates of high schools and Universities.



Novel group Sarl is a Consulting Company as well as a Vocational Training Center based in Gasperich, the new business center of Luxembourg.


Novel group provides an integrated package of vocational training services, promotion to the employment and development of entrepreneurship to European, National and local bodies, as well as to private enterprises and organizations.


Indicative sectors are: Finance and Management, Informatics,

Tourism, Creative Economy and Agricultural professions.


The IT consulting services of Novel group provided in strategy issues support business and enterprise strategy, business reformation and company improvement, organizational design and activity internationalization.



Education Centre Geoss is a non-profit adult education center founded and owned by the Municipality of Litija. They are implementing publicly recognized formal secondary education programs for adults, higher education programs for adults, informal publicly valid educational training for young people and non-formal education programmes for different target groups for more than 60 years.


In cooperation with the employment office, centers for social work, NGOs, private and public institutions, schools, they develop and implement inclusive pedagogical programs and materials for their educators/mentors/counselors and for vulnerable groups with fewer opportunities.

They participate in several national and international projects in the field of sustainable development of social skills, job opportunities for vulnerable adults and the acquisition of intercultural competencies, they also develop teaching materials for vulnarable target groups.  

The European Association of Career Guidance (EACG) was founded in 2010. The purposes of the Association are:


  • To enable information and experience exchange by career guidance counsellors and HR practitioners.

  • To circulate provisions of European Strategies in academic and professional circles. 

  • To support the process of raising education and professional standards and quality in the territory of the European Union and contribute to the European Employment and Vocational Education and Training Policies. 

  • To organize training and train-the-trainer courses for the promotion of EU Funding Programmes and seminars and conferences, which will enable direct communication among the Association members and beyond and for the definition of new areas of the Association activities.

  • To participate in the framework of EU programmes funded by the European Commission. 

  • To produce publications of interest to EACG members and other interested audience.

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Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” is based on the experience of social and educational work carried out by Danilo Dolci and his collaborators, which started in Eastern Sicily back in 1952.


The Centre stemmed from the need of offering the local communities a reality committed to practically solve the local problems, developing a creative space in which fostering awareness and bottom-up planning were the center of the action, paving the way for a real change.

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